About us

Our printing in glass is exactly that. It is not tempered glass with paint. It is not a film with an image adhered to tempered glass. Our process uses ceramic ink dropped on ultra-clear glass, at a rate of several million pinpricks of ink per second. The detail generated is second to none.

What Makes our Product Special?

Many sites online offer quality printing services on various surfaces, but not glass. We usually only require a photo taken on a current generation smartphone. The opportunities for display by using glass as the printed surface are numerous.

The technology to produce digital ceramic printing in glass has only been available for a little over a decade. The printers are the most advanced and versatile glass printing machines on the market, and are ideal for both external and internal architectural applications. They allow layered printing with pinpoint accuracy.

Extra clear low iron glass contains approximately one quarter of the iron content of standard clear float glass, providing an extra clear glass that is crystal clear in appearance. Extra Clear glass is ideal for this application requiring colour back painting due to high light transmittance and true colour appearance.

All of our images are printed in a clean room, as print defects will show if the glass is dirty or there is dust in the air. Capable of 8 air changes an hour with a MERV13 filter, it’s built to produce a very high quality product.

Once the image is printed in glass, the print is then tempered, making the ceramics part of the glass. It will not fade and has excellent scratch resistance. The ability to print at transparencies from 0 to 100% (or leave some sections as clear glass) allows brilliant use of light within our product.

Use Your Own Images

For a high quality print, we require images greater than 2MB and at least 2500 x 2500 pixels in size. When taking the photo, limit the use of zoom and get as close as you can to the subject.

Some Ideas for using myphotoglass.com

Gifts – Perfect for anniversaries, graduations and Christmas.

Thank Yous – Why not create a thank you for a coach or teacher?

Hobbies – Fishing trips, cars and motorcycles, custom pinball glass; we can do it.

Your Own Art – Send an image (patriotic, mythic, gothic, landscape, wildlife) and we’ll do the rest. Backsplashes – Solid surface and easy to clean.

Shower doors – Choose a pattern or vector image.

Internal Partitions – Create functional privacy or elaborate art.

Stair and Balcony Railing – Make your staircase or balcony even more impressive.

And much more